Our mission is to give everyone the ability to create valuable software.

We're building an autonomous system that can create software at the level of the world's most skilled engineers.

Software is the highest leverage way to accelerate human progress.

Software has dramatically accelerated every industry it has touched. However, only a mere 0.3 percent of the population are engineers. By making the creation of software available to non-engineers, we can accelerate progress made in every other field.

Why Now?

Language models are growing exponentially.

Given the rate of improvement for state-of-the-art language models, there's a 3.4-month doubling time for model size and performance, or a 100x increase every 2 years.

Models are nearing human levels of performance.

A typical human brain has over 100 trillion synapses, which is ~571x larger than the OpenAI's GPT-3 175B model. With a 100x increase every 2 years, we're likely to have a language model with more parameters than synapses in our brain within in the next 5 years. Similar to how we weren't able to predict a fraction of the uses for computers in the 60s even though Moore's Law was evident, we're vastly underestimating what a parameter growth rate of 100x every 2 years looks like.

We're only at day one.

While our system is quite new, what we're building already out-performs every previous attempt at generative programming by a remarkable degree. We have a clear path towards building a computer system capable of developing software at the level of the world's most skilled engineers, and we'd like your help.

Life at Debuild

At Debuild, we're a tight-knit team of empathetic and optimistic builders who care deeply about accelerating human progress by making computers programmable for everyone. The kinds of problems we face in building an autonomous system capable of creating software at a human level are far from well-defined. We thrive in environments with uncertainty, complexity, and love taking irrational amounts of responsibility and ownership over problems that lack obvious solutions.

A culture for the courageous.

At Debuild, the technical challenges ahead of us are daunting. One of the most important characteristics of doing great work is courage. In order to ask the impossible questions, we must have courage. Courage allows great researchers and engineers to go forward under seemingly impossible circumstances, and lets them continue to make progress regardless of the challenges they face.

We value rigor and clarity of thought.

Darwin wrote in his autobiography that he found it necessary to write down every piece of evidence which contradicted his beliefs, otherwise he would forget them. At Debuild, we care deeply about the level of rigor and clarity of thought surrounding our work. We frequently question first principles and work our way up from the fundamentals of programming. We have a culture of over-communication, so we tend to output a quite a bit of writing for everyone to read and share their thoughts and ideas on.

Good vs Great.

At Debuild, our goal is to make a significant contribution to humanity rather than just getting along through life comfortably. We're only interested in performing world-class work – the type of work as significant as Ada Lovelace's Analytical Engine or Claude Shannon's Information Theory. To do this kind of work, we become emotionally involved with the problems we're solving, and we wont stop until we've built an system that can create better software than humans.

A home for the curious and empathetic.

We don't act surprised when someone says they don't know something. For example, you'll never hear someone say"What?! I can't believe you don't know what a skip-thought vector is!"  What we're building is fundamentally new and there's no playbook, so everyone should feel comfortable saying "I don't know" and "I don't understand."  We're insatiably curious and always ask "why", and we tend to over-share because we have a lot to learn from one another.

Available roles

We're based in San Francisco, and all of our roles are remote-friendly. We provide a competitive salary, generous equity, as well comprehensive health benefits.

Software Engineer – Code Generation Pipeline

San Francisco (Remote friendly)

We are looking for an engineer who loves building complex systems. In this role, you will work on the code generation pipeline. You'll be able to research and develop your own novel ideas to improve the overall code generation system, and build tooling to evaluate the quality of the system. You’ll also work closely with machine learning researchers, but don't need to be a machine learning expert yourself. We value people who can quickly obtain a deep technical understanding of new domains, and enjoy being self-directed and identifying the most important problems to solve.

We look for a track record with the following:

  • Experience developing complex production systems in Python and Node.
  • Experience developing tooling but only when off-the-shelf tools aren't well-suited.
  • Willingness to debug problems across the stack, such as performance problems and deployment issues.
  • Have been a startup founder or an early-stage engineer, or enjoy fast paced work environments with tight feedback loops.

Software Engineer - Debuild Editor

San Francisco (Remote friendly)

This is a unique combination engineer and designer role. You'll design and develop a new and unique web-based IDE that allows non-engineers to create applications from natural language descriptions. You should be able to transform raw ideas into product designs. You care deeply about user experience and have excellent visual design skills. You should be a self-starter, self-motivated, and able to execute even when sometimes given very broadly defined, loose projects ideas.

We look for a track record with the following:

  • Experience building complex projects with React and Redux.
  • Are an expert in either UI, UX, or visual design, and skilled in more disciplines across product design.
  • Enjoy striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design.
  • Have been a startup founder or an early-stage engineer, or enjoy fast paced work environments with tight feedback loops.

How to apply

Send an email to Sharif (CEO) at [email protected] with the subject line "Working at Debuild" and links to help us learn more about things you've built (LinkedIn, GitHub, personal website, etc.)

Our Investors

Debuild is backed by the founders of Quora, Segment, Expo, Superhuman, as well as some of the best investors in the industry.